How Do You Train a Flea?

It is easy to train a flea. First put them in a mason jar and put the lid on it. They will jump up and hit their little flea heads; and they will jump up and hit their little flea butts. It won’t take long and they will stop jumping so high to avoid hitting the lid. Then, you can take the lid off and they won’t jump out! Then they can be trained to do whatever you want them to do.

How many of us are going through life in an open mason jar? Children and teenagers say, “I’m bored. There is nothing to do.”  College students complain that there is nothing to do in the college town and that they can’t find a job.  Employees grumble that the boss won’t let me do it.

Are these limits real? Or do we just think there is a lid to what we can do? It has never been easier to connect with people than it is today. We all have the power to reach out, make a connection, and create value. What are you waiting for?

Imagine how far you could go in life if you could jump as high as you wanted to. Think of what you could accomplish.