Place of Worship

Most places of worship teach their members some version of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

The Good Deed Nation is a place to put that teaching into action. When you take action you benefit both your place of worship and yourself. (and yes it is ok to feel good and inspire others.)

Benefit your place of worship

People who drive by your place of worship probably have no idea about all the good works you are doing. Therefore they are not drawn to be a part of it; and they are not inspired to be better in their own lives.

The Good Deed Nation is a place where your people can go and record their good deeds and we keep track. This means we can add up all of your members good deeds at your location. AND we can add up the good deeds from all affiliated locations!

This is good for your place of worship. By engaging in good works, and recording them at the Good Deed Nation, your worshipers will be more engaged and the message will be more relevant to their lives. Also, by inviting others to join in your public good works will further connect you to your community. Activities like this have been shown to increase worshiper retention and membership.

Benefit your members

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. The Good Deed Nation offers a lot of opportunities for your members to shine! First, we put the focus on doing good works. As we know, thoughts matter. Focusing on good deeds will crowd out other negative thoughts.

People who do good deeds are happier, healthier and live longer! In addition to the many health benefits, your members have a chance to make a difference. We always tell children that they can make a difference. By keeping track of the good deeds and contributions, we can PROVE IT!

When it comes to good deeds

the compass represents more than directions on a map. It represents what drives us to take action when we identify a need. Everyone has one. What some call their moral compass others might know as an internal pull to make a change, help someone, or do the right thing.
What’s your compass?